10 Ways to Practice Self Love

Hi beautiful souls! This is my first post on my new “Mind & Body” category. If you follow along on my Instagram stories you know self love, gratitude, mental and physical health are all very important to me. I love fashion and home decor and that’s obvious but all topics regarding “Mind & Body” are so very imporant to me so I’m excited to have added this category to my blog and by doing so I hope it helps even one person out there to love themselvs more. <3

Okay, now lets get started on my list of 10 Ways to Practice Self Love:

1. Keep a Journal: I think it’s so imporatnt to actually write things down. I recently launched a journal on Amazon called “The 3 Things” where every day you write 3 things you love about yourself and also 3 things you’re grateful for for 30 days. I love to curl up in bed at night with a hot tea and honey or a kombucha in a wine glass and write in my journal. When I first started journaling I found it easy to write things I was grateful for but when it came to things I loved about myself it was harder. That’s why I felt an urge to start this journal. We all need to love ourselves more and if we dont already love ourselves we need to discover what we do love about ourselves. // Purchase my journal for just $9.99! 

2. Take a Bubble Bath: Maybe this is common sense, but for real. Do you ever feel like you want to take a nice long bubble bath but you have too many things to do so you skip the bath and take a shower? To practice self love you need to give yourself a time out and take that bath! I love to throw in some lavender epsom salt, bubble bath and bath bombs in my bath and I like to play some calming music and light candles. I usually pour a sparketling water or a kombucha as well.

3. Have Non Alcoholic Drinks in a Wine Glass: Okay, this is a recent one for me. I started taking a medication called Lexapro recently ( it helps with anxiety or depression or both if you have both) Anyway, it’s not a great thing to drink on this medication but I realized I absolutley loved wine glasses when I stopped drinking wine. Soo… I replaced the wine at night with kombucha or sparkeling water with lime. Not only am I doing something special for myself but I feel a little fancy like I’m having wine or champagne. // Purchase my favorite kombucha

I also think wine is totally okay if you are able to drink wine but definelty keep the amount in check. It’s easy to get into a habit of having wine at night to unwine but too much is really unhealthy for you.

4. Dont Ignore Your Skin: Some nights I just am too exhausted to wash my face or I go weeks without a good facemask but when I actually take the time to wash my face, moisturize and even do a nourishing face mask I feel so calm and happy. It’s nice to put on a pair of fuzzy socks, put on a happy movie or show and put your face mask on and enjoy some “me time.” // Shop my favorite skincare and use code “scarlett20” for 20% off!

5. Forgive Yourself: We are all human and we all make mistakes. The toxic part about mistakes is that some people hold onto the guilt from them. It’s so important to love yourself enough to let go of your mistakes. If you believe in God you can pray and ask God for forgiveness ( he always forgives you if you ask) and also say outloud that you forgive yourself as well. If you don’t believe in God you can ask yourself or the universe or whatever you believe in for forgiveness.

6. Choose Friends Wisely: If you notice everytime you hang out with a certain person or friend group and you feel sad or emotionaly drained pay attention to this. Of course we all go through tough times and it’s good to be there for your friends but if it becomes a normal thing you need to pay attention to who you are spending your time with because it can drain you not only emotionaly but even physicaly. Your time matters, your happiness matters and you must put yourself first.

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7. Meditate/ Pray: If you believe in God prayer is always a wonderful thing to do. I pray and medidtate and both are so helpful for me. When I medidate I just try to clear my mind and sit there in silence. It helps me to be more aware of my daily actions and words and also helps me to love myself more because I actually took the time to sit there and meditate which is doing something for myself.

8. Exercise: Okay, even if you aren’t into exercising just get your body moving somehow 20-3o minutes a day. You could do a walk outside, dance, even cleaning the house counts! I notice when I do power walks in the morning it’s such a good start to my day and I get some vitamin d outside as well!


9. Dress Up Just Because: Most of us are still working from home because of Covid so most of us have probably gotten into the habit of staying in pajamas all day long. (myself included) It’s important to still dress up some days, do your hair, put on make up and feel cute! I notice when I do this I feel a bit more human and put together and some days it even helps me to be more productive. Don’t get me wrong- most days of the week I’m chilling in cozies but at least 1-2 days per week I try to get myself dressed and get on some makeup! // Shop my outfit above!

10. Talk to Yourself Kindly: How you talk to yourself matters so much. If you keep telling yourself you have bad luck, you don’t have enough money, you don’t have any friends, you will never find the right partner ( the list goes on) – you will truly start to believe it. I truly think you won’t ever get the things you want in life if you stay in thia negative headspace. Keep telling yourself  the oposite: how lovely you are, how you deserve love and you WILL find it, how you are important, worthy and enough and you will start to believe it. When you start to believe those things you will be in a positive headspace, therefore it will be easier for you to get the positive things you want in your life.


I hope these 10 tips helped you find some ideas on how you can love yourself more! What do you do for self love? I would love to know in the comments below!!

Have a great day, beautiful!





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