4 Natural Ways to Be a Healthier & Happier You

So the older I get the more I worry. I use to be so carefree. I would go on snowboarding jumps, ride roller coasters, long board down steep hills and basically do anything someone dared me to do to prove I could. I recently turned 30 and all of this has changed. Some for the better, but some not so much. I tend to worry a lot more about little things. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to think things through, but I think finding the balance between being safe and smart about things and also enjoying life is very important. I like the saying “Everything in moderation.” and I have been trying to live by it. I also have found out 4 things that really help me to feel less stressed and an overall happier and healthier me. I hope they help you as well.



When I say working out it doesn’t have to be pumping iron at the gym or some sort of intense CrossFit program. Any sort of physical activity 3-4 days a week is great. Even if you just go on a long walk in the morning, during your lunch break or after dinner you will notice you will feel a lot less stressed.

When I miss out on physical fitness not only does it take a toll on my body but also my mind. I love to go on runs, hike the trails in Austin, play tennis with my boyfriend and also do workout videos from Tone It Up. Even if you only have 15 spare minutes you can always find a workout video on Youtube to do at home.



I use to hate cooking with a passion in high school and college. After college I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where I couldn’t land a job whatsoever ( being a foreigner there isn’t easy, but that’s a whole different blog post) so I started to cook.

I quickly found out cooking is extremely therapeutic for me. Not only is it thereaputic for my mind but my body toned up and dropped the extra dining out pounds very quickly. It’s easy to make bad choices when you go out to eat, right? When I go to happy hour you better bet I’m getting wine, tacos and queso. This IS okay in moderation, but if you are doing this more than once a week you should try to cut back.

When I cook at home I use coconut oil or olive oil, I make lots of chicken breast ,fish, veggies, rice and quino and I go low on the salt. I have about 4-5 go-to meals that I make all the time that I will share with you guys in an upcoming blog post as well!



This one is also tough. Especially when you are single, just moved to a new city or have a lot of friends who like to go out on the town.

In college I of course drank socially and that’s fine but the older I get the more I have realized drinking takes a major toll on my mind and body. Firstly I swear the day after I hit 30 only 1-2 glasses of wine makes me feel groggy the next day. Secondly, there are so many calories in booze and wine. Drinking 3-4 times a week really adds up.

I’m not saying when you are on vacation you shouldn’t treat yourself.. but remember “Everything in Moderation.” Another thing I have been doing lately is if I go on a trip and have some drinks when I get home I wont have any booze for a few weeks to reset my body.

Another thing that’s easy to do is drink a glass of wine every night. I got in a habit of this when I started to cook. I began to research all about pairing wine with food and it became a hobby. It’s easy to give in to a glass or two every night but it’s important to remember that this isn’t good for our mind or our body. If you are craving a glass of wine pour some kombucha in a wine glass or some sparkling water with fresh fruit, it’s a cute drink that makes you also feel good!

My new rule for myself is no wine at all during the week days and on Friday and Saturday I will treat myself to 1-2 glasses of wine if I want to. I never drink hard alcohol. It’s just a personal preference, but it makes me feel pretty horrible so I just cut it out completely almost a year ago.



This is a huge one for me. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily routine with waking up, going to work, going to happy hour and going home. Where’s the time for nature?  You have to make time for it. Even if it’s just 30 minutes. You deserve it. I am lucky enough to live in a city where there’s a good amount of nature. Austin is gorgeous and has plenty of hiking, biking and running trails. We also have a river for kayaking and paddle boarding. I make sure to get into nature as often as possible.

If you live in a city that’s lacking nature try to find a park or if you have a balcony or outdoor space get some potted plants to hangout by. Read a book, meditate or do some yoga by them. Connecting with any type of nature even if it’s just some potted plants around you feels so nice.

It all comes down to what works best for you and what makes you feel happy and healthy. I hope these tips helped you out in some way. I really do believe not only our physical health but also our mental health are tied into what we put into our bodies and how we spend our days.

What are you struggling with that makes you feel anxious, sleepy or just blah? What are you planning to do to fix it? Comment below and let me know.



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  1. Olivia on September 26, 2016 at 10:18 am

    Hi! My name is Olivia, I’m a grad student in a nurse anesthesia program so keeping my head above stress is a daily task! I agree with alot of the stress relievers you mentioned- if I am really studying hard and don’t have time for a real outting with nature, I study in front of an open window and feel much better! Fresh air in general seems to really help. I also had the same revelation you did about cooking recently. It’s almost like an art! I never used to cook and one day I decided to give a real meal a shot and it was incredibly therapeutic. Some other ways I relieve stress are through dancing or singing, even if only in my car. Whatever works! I wake up at 4:30am most days with an hour drive ahead of me so I’m usually singing and dancing as I go. Last thing I enjoy is traveling… MUST make time for a few trips every year, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. Seeing new things and new sights gives me a perspective on my life and makes everything seem much more manageable. Speaking of which, I’m moving to Austin in a few months!

    • Scarlett on September 26, 2016 at 10:24 am

      Hi Olivia,

      Thanks SO much for your amazing comment. One of my friends is a nurse and she struggles with the same things. Studying in front of a window is amazing. I actually am blogging indoors right now and your comment made me think I should go out on my balcony, so thanks! Singing and dancing in the car is the best! Another fun thing you could do is study in the park some days and bring blanket and some yummy/healthy snacks! P.S. You will LOVE Austin! XO and hope you stop by again soon! -Scarlett

  2. Nicole Parise on September 27, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    I actually really cut back on alcohol recently and I can’t believe how different I feel. Also, I’d love to read that post on not being able to work in Denmark – I live near Amsterdam now and getting a job abroad is no walk in the park! Thanks for the post 🙂
    xx nicole

    • Scarlett on September 30, 2016 at 5:05 pm

      That’s great, good for you! It makes me feel so much better when I lay off the wine ha! Good luck with the job hunt! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Dia All The Things I Do on September 28, 2016 at 10:07 am

    I was with you till you said cut back on booze. Lol I’m kidding these are great tips, I think it’s amazing working out is one of the few activities you can dread doing but never regret that you did it.

    • Scarlett on September 30, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment! HA, no booze can be tough sometimes lol! A little is okay from time to time I think 🙂 Yes, working out always makes me feel so much better physically and mentally! Hope you stop back again soon! XO

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