4 Ways to Style a Plaid Top

When it comes to tops I love me some plaid and flannel. Not only are these kind of tops usually super cozy but they have been in style for a long time and I truly don’t see them going anywhere. One thing that I find a lot of people have trouble with (includiing myself) is finding new ways to style plaid tops so the look isn’t always the same. I have tried some fun new ways and wanted to share them with you all to hopefully give you some ideas when you are rocking your plaid shirt next.



For style number one I rolled up my sleeves and added a little arm candy. I paired this look with some cute booties. I feel like rolling up the sleeves totally changes the look to a simple plaid top-especially when you add some cute arm candy. Here I added my favorite black and gold Danielle Wellington watch and my favorite Victoria Emerson wrap bracelet!  

2.With a Cute Hat & Flats


For style number two I added my favorite pink NY baseball cap and my favorite gray loafers. I casually (more like lazily ) rolled up one sleeve which gave the top a more relaxed feel. I left the top untucked and rolled up my jeans a few times for a chill and cute look. You could also pair this look with some cute black sneakers.


3.Knotted with Tall Boots


Another fun way to dress up this look is to tie a knot in the bottom of your plaid shirt and add some fun over the knee boots. This gives a cute, flirty vibe without trying too hard. Oh, I also threw up my hair for this look because I think it gives it even more of a fun and carefree feel to really complete this effortlessly cute look.

4. Layered with a Chic Trench 


Last, but not least I layered my plaid top with a light weight trench coat and popped the collar. This trench coat is my legit favorite jacket right now. It’s light weight and so cute and adds that extra sassy pop to your look. I love popping this plaid top with this jacket because it gives it a relaxed vibe with being dressed up at the same time. Oh, I kept the over the knee boots on for this but you could also throw on some cute black heels if you want to dress the look up a bit more for a night out on the town!

Well, I hope you liked these fun ideas to get your plaid top a little more somethin’ somethin’! Let me know how you like to style your fav plaid top below in the comments.. or just say hi!




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