Living Room Decor Style Tips

One of my favorite rooms to decorate has to be the living room. ( Okay, all rooms are are pretty much my fav but it’s high up there!) I like to start by picking 3 colors and then deciding on a decor style. Today I have chosen pink, gray and white and I have gone with transitional for my decor style. Asking yourself  “What’s transitional style mean?” Transitional design is a modern mix of classic and contemporary. You can think of it as simply a new take on an old classic, or a younger, more hip version of traditional design. ( Click HERE to see 10 interior design styles explained by me!)

I always start with a couch. For instance if I’m going to pick a gray couch I want to make sure and have my other two colors thrown in with my throw pillows. I could have accents of the gray in the pillows as well but I want to make sure the pink and white are the main colors against the gray couch rather than gray on gray.

I’m currently obsessed with moroccan style rugs and this ONE has to be my favorite. It’s so perfect and so cozy. It also looks amazing with really any colors which is lovely.

When it comes to flowers of course I prefer fresh flowers but that’s not very affordable so I have found some amazing fake ones and have added them below for you to check out and shop as well! If you have to have real ones I would go to Trader Joes! They always have cheap beautiful blooms!

Also another thing that helps a room look fab is a beautiful coffee table book and art of course. The painting in the image above is done by me btw and is for sale! Purchase HERE. Some of my fav coffee table books are linked below.

I hope this helped you if you’re decorating your living room! Comment below if you have any questions and feel free to click on the images below to shop!




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