A Makeover For Mom

So if you aren’t lucky enough to know my mom let me just tell you about her really quick. She’s the most kind and loving human on the planet. She always has done everything for my brother, sister and I and is an incredibly hard worker. I remember when I was little I loved home decor and interior styling ( big surprise) and she would let my sister and I redo our rooms every other year. I loved it so much. One year I wanted a jungle themed room so a jungle themed room I had. We would go to the store pick out paint, pick out a new comforter, plants and we would make it a fun weekend project.

I remember another time I came home from school on Valentines day and she had our dining room set up with everyone’s favorite candies and treats at each of our spots with balloons that went with each of our personalities tied to our chairs. She always has made me feel so special and loved.

Now, the one thing my mom isn’t so good at is treating herself. She never and I repeat NEVER has gone to get a mani pedi once! She also has only gotten her hair professionally done once in her life. When I have asked her in the past why she just says she doesn’t want to spend the money on things like that. Okay, I can see a point in not spending a lot of money on such things but every now and then it is nice to treat yourself to something special, am I right? And if anyone deserved a little R&R it’s my mom.
image1-1Long story short I decided it was about time my mom had her hair done professionally. I wanted her to feel like a princess and get a lovely hair cut and a beautiful color. I decided on my favorite salon in Austin, NAAVA salon and spa and we had such a fabulous time.

My mom’s stylist was Rafael and he was incredible. I would highly recommend him. He was so nice and very knowledgable about hair. He even showed us the color wheel and the book with all of the different hair color options to teach us about the process.



Once my mom’s hair was done she took a look in the mirror and teared up. Of course then I did as well. It was so gorgeous! We left and my mom gave me the biggest hug and said “Thanks for making me feel so pampered.” Her feeling so beautiful and happy was more of a gift to me more than to her honestly.

Who’s in your life that deserves a little pampering? I challenge you to pamper that someone today. It could be as simple as drawing someone a bubble bath and leaving a glass of wine next to the bath for them, making someone breakfast in bed, cleaning up the dishes in the sink… anything that will make that person feel special.

Let me know if you decide to treat someone in the comments below and what your going to do for them!





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  1. Julie on October 21, 2016 at 10:21 am

    So pretty!! Love it!

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