The Meaning of My Work

By Scarlett / August 13, 2018 /

What makes you feel happy? What makes you feel calm? What about excited? It’s different for all of us but for me it’s painting. Painting is truly the one time in my life where I can escape without leaving home. I know it sounds corny but it’s so true. Once I pick up my paint…

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New Ocean Inspired Series

By Scarlett / August 7, 2018 /

Ever since I was a little girl I have had an incredible love and admiration for the ocean. Growing up in the midwest surrounded by cornfields may have helped that. I begged my parents to let me go to surf camp for years and they finally sent me to San Diego, CA to Paskowitz  surf…

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Original Custom Art For Your Home

By Scarlett / February 13, 2018 /

Hi All! As I’m sure you already know I launched my online art shop a few months ago and I’m in love with painting. I’ve been so surprised by the kind words and also many purchases since I launched my shop. To be totally honest I was super scared to promote my art at all…

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Abstract Speed Painting: Floral Fields

By Scarlett / January 2, 2018 /

I just shared my first ever video of me painting on my Youtube channel and had to share it here with you guys as well. This was so much fun to paint, edit and share! I’m going to try to start posting at least one of these each week. I hope you guys like it!…

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Pretty & Bright Paintings + My New Obsession!

By Scarlett / November 1, 2017 /

So I’m popping out paintings like a duck hatching eggs in a factory over here. Wow, that’s a strange thing to say probably.. but sometimes when I write I just kind of write whatever my strange brain is thinking.. sometimes my brain doesn’t make much sense. ha! I love these four paintings together! They are…

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