New Makeup + Easy Makeup Tutorial

By Scarlett / October 24, 2020 /

Hey babes! I have been getting super into makeup latley. I think it’s because I never have time to paint lately. I use to make abstract paintings in my free time but I have been so busy with my blog that I don’t have time anymore. Anyway, makeup is basically art on our faces so…

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My Every Day Skincare and Makeup Routine

By Scarlett / August 14, 2019 /

I never have been super into makeup until I hit my 30’s and realized I kind of had to be, HA! I started getting into skincare and make up the past few years and wanted to share my everyday skincare and makeup routine with you guys! I have tried so many products and have found…

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Makeup Chit Chat

By Scarlett / April 14, 2019 /

So yesterday I went to my friend Wen’s birthday party and shes a beauty guru from China. She was showing me some tips and tricks with my makeup and it was so much fun. Guys, real talk.. I’m not very good with makeup! I never use primer, I never use a highlighter, I have no…

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Skincare Routine

By Scarlett / March 26, 2019 /

So ever since hitting the big 30 I have realized I need to actually get into the habit of having a skincare routine. I’m the type of girl who sometimes doesn’t even wash my makeup off before bed so getting into a daily routine with multiple steps has proven very difficult for me until I…

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5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil: Out of the Kitchen

By Scarlett / January 16, 2017 /

Have you ever tried using coconut oil in the kitchen? I use it all the time.  Not only do I use it in the kitchen but I use it on myself as well! Sound strange? I know, I know.. but trust me this do-it-all oil works wonders and not just in the kitchen people. Here…

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