Mind & Body

How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

By Scarlett / December 30, 2020 /

Scrolling the feed and feeling down? Get off Instagram and then right back on 10 minutes later feeling down again? I know it’s probably odd for me to say this when I’m a blogger myself who directs people to go to my Instagram page, right? The thing is we can have social media but we…

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10 Tips For a Fresh Start in 2021

By Scarlett / December 29, 2020 /

2020… you can be gone!! I’m so over you! For real though guys, what a year it has been! I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we’re all ready for 2020 to end and for 2021 to begin! I have already started planning out my goals and have already started some diet changes this past…

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10 Ways to Practice Self Love

By Scarlett / September 4, 2020 /

Hi beautiful souls! This is my first post on my new “Mind & Body” category. If you follow along on my Instagram stories you know self love, gratitude, mental and physical health are all very important to me. I love fashion and home decor and that’s obvious but all topics regarding “Mind & Body” are…

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5 Easy Ways to Live a More Balanced and Healthier Life

By Scarlett / February 5, 2019 /

When I was a little kid I was carefree about everything. I’m sure you were as well. Most kids are. As we become adults with responsibilities, jobs, taxes, Trump as the president..things can get stressful… Although it’s important to actually care about things in your life like work and responsibilities it’s also important to relax,…

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Chakra Healing with Art- Welcome to My 7 Week Series!

By Scarlett / January 18, 2019 /

I’m very excited to announce my new series: Chakra Healing with Art! This interactive series is going to be a 7 weeks long and will focus on a different chakra/ color each week. What does that mean? Let me explain: Our body has 7 chakras. Each chakra is a different color. So each week I will…

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Tips on How to Become a Long Distance Runner

By Scarlett / February 26, 2017 /

If you would have asked me a little over a year ago if I would ever become a long distance runner my answer would have definitely been “Are you kidding me?” I have always hated running with a passion. I couldn’t even run to the mailbox without getting tired when I was younger. I was…

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