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14492448_1001266479996796_1075884262217104536_nSo, I’ve been looking for a new type of workout class that would really challenge me. I have a background as a dancer and have dabbled in surfing. I thought why not give City Surf a try.. it seemed right up my alley. So I did!

I cant even being to tell you how amazing this workout was. Since I do have a pretty athletic background I tend to leave a lot of workout classes feeling like I didn’t even get a great workout. This wasn’t the case at City Surf.. in fact, far from it. Not only are you focusing on keeping your balance on the board you are also getting your cardio and toning all in at the same time.

Taylor was my first instructor and she seriously rocked. So fun, helpful and wow her body is amazing! I also loved the overall vibe at City Surf. It’s very laid back but also theres a ton of motivation around you. Everyone in my class made me want to try harder because nobody was slacking.

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I would highly recommend you check out City Surf and let me know if you do and what you thought in the comments below. Be prepared to be super sore and to see results in your body fast!




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  1. Lee Anne on December 17, 2016 at 7:30 am

    I so want to check this place out!!

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