Color Therapy: Gold and White Aztec

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One of my favorite bedroom themes right now is the Aztec look. I’m also really into everything cream and gold. I thought why not put the two together and make an “Aztec Chic” look? I have been on the hunt for some beautiful and adorable items that could complete this look for your bedroom.  If you are thinking about redecorating your room I hope you find this post inspiring! Let me know if you decide to try it out!

1. So, keeping it chic here I decided to find an all white duvet from Pottery Barn instead of an “aztec-themed” comforter. This way you can add as many aztec style pillows as you want to bring in your aztec vibe. (plus, if you’re like me you will get a new theme idea in 6 months and a white duvet is versatile people!)

2. I’m in love with this aztec rug from target! Also, you can’t tell in the picture but its a fleece rug so it’s super cozy on your feet! This would look great right next to your bed. Make sure to put it on your side so you can wake up and step right onto the coziness first thing in the morning!

3. This faux fur butterfly chair pulls in the cozy and chic feel into your theme. The aztec look is filled with straight lines and patterns and I find adding something white and fluffy makes the overall look more cozy. Plus you can throw one of the above aztec pillows on the chair to give it a little “pop.”

4. Adding twinkle sting lights to any room is a sure way to make the place magical and cozy in an instant (can you tell I like cozy things?) I’m in love with these adorable lights from Crate and Barrel and they are super affordable which is amazing!

5. It wouldn’t be an aztec theme without arrows on the wall, right? These arrow wall decals are from one of my favorite places in the world, Target and they are super cheap!

6. This black and white pillow is a staple to make this room come together.

7. This gold pillow adds a girly touch and I love it!

So, what do you think about this Aztec-Chic idea? Would you try it?



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  1. Lee Anne on January 22, 2016 at 10:59 am

    LOVE the pillows!

  2. Lee Anne on January 22, 2016 at 11:00 am

    love the pillow!

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