Color Therapy: Gold, Black, & Grey

gold black and grey living room

I’m currently in love with the color scheme gold black and grey for a living room. I feel like these colors together are very girly but with the black accents a hint of modern and boldness are added, which is lovely.

  1. I’m obsessed with these scorpio wall decor decals from Zgallerie. They are so pretty and add a major burst of gold and happiness to the room.
  2. This tufted grey sofa is gorgeous. I love everything tufted and when I saw this on my heart melted.
  3. Okay, who doesn’t want a  “Hello Lovely” Pillow? First of all gold is amazing.. and you are lovely.. so it’s really a win win. It’s also nice to add a fun pillow with text on it to add a bit of character to your room.
  4. This gold hatch pillow goes well with a fun text pillow to pull in a classic look to the space.
  5. This faux fur stool is so cute and and serves as two purposes- one to sit on, and two to be adorable.
  6. This grey lattice throw transforms your living room into a modern and cozy paradise. It’s perfect for every season too! Plus this pattern is super hip right now.. I mean, Pinterest tells us so.
  7. This black round edged side table is simple and perfect to bring this room together. I like the fact the edges are round so it keeps the room cozy.

I hope you love this color theme as much as I do! I want to redecorate my living room now. Am I the only one with this issue? Stay tuned to the “Home” section on my blog if you enjoyed this post I will have many color therapy posts for every room in your home so you can get inspired!



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  1. Julie Salyr on January 21, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Can you come decorate my home?!?! Loving this feel

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