Decor Inspiration From Anthropologie

So, is it just me or is Anthropologie on point with their home decor? Every time I walk in that place I basically just want to make it my home. Is there anyway we could make this dream happen? Well, probably not because that would mean I would have to legit stay in Anthropoligie after hours- sleep, shower and bath there. Hmm…

Okay, I have given up on that dream and am already on to the next. The next best thing besides actually living in Anthropoligie would be to get inspired by this fantastic store and make it your own. Here are some ideas I have collected on my last visit there. I hope you like them!

1.) Jazz Up an Old Chair


If you have the cash just buy this chair from Anthropologie, duh. If you don’t like me- go to a place like Goodwill or a second hand store and find one. You can always have it reupholstered at a shop or try and do it yourself.

2.) Use Colorful Bowls & Cups as Decor

Again, you could buy these awesome ones at Anthropologie or go on a scavenger hunt. I have actually found some adorable little plates and bowls at my local Goodwill. World Market and Target also have some really cute ones for cheap. A few ideas of how to use cute bowls and cups as decor below:

-Use a little bowl to hold your rings and place on your bedside table

-Use a cute cup to hold cotton balls or q-tips and place on your bathroom counter to transform your bathroom in a second.

-Use little bowls to hold sugar and flour to add some color to your kitchen.

3.) Add a Colorful Side Table 

If you cant afford the table from Anthropologie you can find a side table at any furniture store or a second hand shop. Purchase an acrylic paint of your choice at a craft store and paint it! Don’t worry about making the paint job look perfect. The best part about this table is it doesn’t look perfect. It’s a bit worn looking which will add a shabby chic look to your home.

4.) Add Candles


Mama Mia.. if you haven’t smelled the candles from Anthropologie I recommend leaving your home right now and going to do so. Their Capri Blue candles are so amazing. My favorite is the volcano scent. Not only do these candles smell amazing they also look adorable! The large ones are $28 so if you don’t want to spend that much you can also find cute candles at most stores. Try Target! Target always has some super cute candles on sale for $10 or under. Candles make your home smell, look and feel cozy. I may be a bit obsessed. I usually have 2-3 burning at all times.

I hope you like these ideas! What else have you guys found at Anthropoligie that’s amazing? I know.. it never ends!

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