Etsy Roundup: Decorating with Blues


Welcome to my first ever Etsy round up! I was so excited to launch my new abstract print digital downloads to my Etsy shop today that I really wanted to write a blog post all about it. Instead of just talking about my own art prints I thought I would share some other amazing items and Etsy shops that I found as well. Of course, I love a theme so this one is all about decorating in blues. Enjoy!

1. Blue and White Abstract Prints These abstract prints (made by yours truly) are a perfect and easy way to add a modern, sophisticated pop of color to your space. When you click purchase you will be sent a super high resolution dpi 300 image file where you can print either yourself of take to a professional printer ( Like Staples or Kinkos) and hang up on your wall. These prints can be printed in many sizes- whichever you’d like up to 24″ x 24″

Etsy Shop: TheScarlettSocial

2. Preserved Roses I’m obsessed with roses and I’ve never seen blue ones! When I saw these I knew I had to add them to this blog post. So luxurious, charming and unique! They are neatly arranged in a decorative cup and saucer scented with a fresh cut rose fragrance. These arrangements will last a year or more.

Etsy Shop: AlteredDecor

3Brunschwif Fils Les Touches Blue Pillow Cover- I’m obsessed with this gorgeous throw pillow cover. It’s almost like an abstract piece of art on a pillow. So pretty! This Pattern Features a Bold Blue leapord Print Design.

Etsy Shop: PillowTimeGirls  

4.  Pottery Blue Fruit Bowl– This is such a cute fruit bowl! I would also use it as an accent bowl on a coffee table. I love the blue floral details. This would also make for a great gift. It’s so pretty! These bowls are all handmade on the wheel from blue tinted groggy clay, and are fired in an electric kiln.

– Etsy Shop: SaritCeramics 

5. Blue Chunky Knit Blanket I’m obsessed with this hand-knit blanket. I absolutley love the color and it looks so soft, chic and cozy. They are made of a Chenille yarn which will give you none of the shedding mess of wool.

Etsy Shop: HandsonforHomemadeUS 

I hope you liked this Etsy roundup! What’s your current favorite color scheme to decorate in? Btw, I will be doing an Etsy roundup at least once a month from now on so stay tuned. I feel like it’s such a good way to share some wonderful items, shops and artists with you all. Would love to hear your feedback and support for these amazing crafters/ artists below!



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