Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow & New Clothes!

I had so much fun last weekend at the Zappos Road Show! Thanks so much for all of you who tuned in to my Instagram stories & live footage from the event!

They had a mobile pet adoption center and I met some super adorable cats and dogs! I honestly would have adopted one but I already have a cat and a dog in my apartment and I’m not sure there’s room for more! The coolest part is that Zappos actually covered the pet adoption fees as well!

This little kitten was making major eye contact with me and she was melting my heart! Did anyone else see this adorable baby at the event?

Also this dog was so funny! I loved his shaggy hair!

They also had mimosas, music and apparel. I loved all the puppy-love workout clothes! “Puppies, Wine & I’m Fine!” Totally agree with that!

Speaking of Zappos, I also purchased some really cute items from Zappos to wear out to dinner after the event. How adorable is this boho dress? I’m also all about booties and I got these Roxy booties from Zappos as well. I’m now obsessed with shopping with Zappos- plus my items were shipped to me free on just one day, which rocks. Have you signed up for the Zappos Rewards program? I would highly recommend it!

Have a beautiful day everyone!



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