Girls Night at The Lucky Robot

My friend Margaret and I had the most fun and delicious girls night last weekend! We went to Lucky Robot on South Congress! Have you ever been there? I’ve seriously walked by so many times and for some reason I’ve never walked inside. Well I’m so happy that I did because it was heavenly. First of all ya’ll know I’m obsessed with decor and it was so bright and fun with little robots and cute monsters on the wall and they had swings where you can sit and eat in- so much fun!

My favorite dish definetly would have to be the karashi butanku which is a mccleery farms pork loin, bi-color corn, chestnut mushrooms, huacatay (black mint), peaches, cherry karashi mustard. Legit ahhhmazing! 

I also loved the scallops because they bring you out your own little stone grill to sear them on at the table which is super fun! For drinks we had the sake punch and wine of course (my fav!)

After dinner we were going to take a lyft downtown to grab a cocktail but we ended up walking across the bridge and it was so beautiful. I forgot how gorgeous this city is at night- especially on the South Congress bridge.

Here’s a detailed list of EVERYTHING we had ( we may have went a little overboard) with all of the ingredients in case you are wondering what to get during your next visit:

Kanpachi Crudo 
cured hawaiian amberjack, compressed tomatillo, umi budo (sea grapes), ponzu, spanish olive oil
Spicy Edamame
spicy hoisin, togarashi pepper
Scallop Hot Rock 
fresh day boat scallop, yuzu kosho, serrano ponzu
Miso Soup
dashi broth, miso, scallions, organic tofu, nori
Wagyu Beef Nigiri 
yuzu kosho, garlic chip, kobojang
Pork Belly Nigiri
pickled cranberry, radish
Ora King Salmon Maki
ikura, green onion
Karashi Butaniku 
mccleery farms pork loin, bi-color corn, chestnut mushrooms, huacatay (black mint), peaches, cherry karashi mustard 
Carrot Cake
passionfruit cream cheese, edible flowers by La Flaca (@laflacaatx)
Hamachi Shrimp Battle
Tempura shrimp, avocado, pickled cucumber and carrot, Panko togarashi
Topped with hamachi, Serrano, spicy mayo, lemongrass soy.
Peach Blossom Breeze, Thai Basil Lemon Drop, Villa Pozzi Pinot Grigio
I would highly reccomend the Lucky Robot for a fun girls night out or a romantic date night! Maybe next time I’ll bring my boyfriend!
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