Gold Spray Paint DIY’s For Your Home

When trying to make an old rental more luxurious on a budget one thing you really should try out is spray painting some old furniture or decor pieces gold for an instant lux look.

I went to Michael’s and purched two cans of gold spray paint that were on sale for just $5 each and starting collecting items to paint. Check out some ideas of what you can paint below!

I purchased a few cute drawer pulls from Home Goods and took off the plain original drawer pull from this bedside table and added the new lux gold one! I feel like it really upgraded the look and it was super easy. P.S. this bedside table is from IKEA.

I spray painted the legs of these chairs and the table all gold for an instant upgraded look. Before they were an ugly brown color and just weren’t making me feel happy in my space. I also spray painted the top white and did a very light coat on this to give it a more shabby chic look.

I also spray painted this large mirror that use to be silver. Something about a gold mirror just makes the space look so much nicer. Also the gold vase next to it use to be clear. Any boring old vase you have around the house will do. Simply give it a few coats of gold spray paint for an instant lux decor piece. Also the baskets use to be silver and I turned them gold as well!

So I legit found this tv stand next to a dumpster two years ago and now look how cute it is. I just spray painted it gold and layed down a cute little white faux fur piece on the bottom and voila!

So, what are you going to spray paint gold? Have you ever tried it before? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned to more posts in this series! I’m going to do several posts all about how to update an old rental or home on a budget. I’m super excited about it too!






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