We Got a New Puppy: Meet Winnie!


You guys, guess what? We adopted a puppy! I’m trying to contain my excitement but it’s rather hard so my exclamation marks may be a bit out of control with this post as a warning! ( see, there’s two already.)

So, Richard and I are both dog lovers and have been talking about getting a dog basically since we met but wanted to make sure and wait for the right time. We have been talking about waiting until around the holidays but there was a change of plans. We were passing the shelter called Austin Pets Alive 4 days ago and I really wanted to stop just for a look. ( honestly.. kind of) We stopped and looked at all of the dogs.


Although they were all adorable I didn’t feel a deep connection with any ( which was a good thing since I knew Richard didn’t want to get a dog until around the holidays.) As we were about to walk out I noticed we missed one last section. We turned the corner and there she was. The cutest white fluffy puppy in kennel number 176.

She came right up to me and had the sweetest look in her eyes. She seems so happy to see me, yet so sad to be in the shelter. I was attached right away. I now know what they mean about “love at first sight.” Richard thought she was cute too but wasn’t sold on us getting a dog yet. We left and I was one sad girl. The entire evening I was pretty down and Richard could tell. A few hours later he agreed to go see her again the next day. I tried to contain my excitement in case maybe she didn’t like us once we played with her.


We woke up and drove to the shelter and they said we had to be 99{a5b98d8aadad8a43baf067fef0ce0912b440e89419e3e8e4a4a9262865f9e101} sure we want her if we are going to get her out of her kennel to hold her. Since she is so young ( just 7 weeks) she can’t walk around on the ground where other dogs have been because she could get Parvo disease. After a bit of a debate Richard decided he was 90{a5b98d8aadad8a43baf067fef0ce0912b440e89419e3e8e4a4a9262865f9e101} sure he wanted her! We got her out. I insisted Richard held her first. ( I knew once he held this white fluff ball he would be in love too) I was right!



Today marks day three with our new baby. She has only gone potty in the apartment twice. We are training her to go on the balcony ( since she can’t go to the dog park until her shots are done.) She is so smart! I can’t believe she is already walking to the door to let me know when she has to go potty. She loves to sleep and cuddle. She doesn’t love to chase her ball yet. She mostly looks at it and falls asleep. We are so lucky and so in love.


She loves to nap under the dining table. I also think Richard is happy with his decision, what do you think? 🙂


Winnie’s first bath

P.S. She is a Great Pyrenees and they say she should be around 80-125 pounds! We basically have adopted a beast. A white, fluffy loving beast. Can’t wait to share her journey with all of you guys and for you to see how big she gets as well.

Do any of you have a Great Pyrenees? Also, who else is getting a puppy anytime soon?



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  1. Leah Ann on August 12, 2016 at 8:10 am

    She’s soooo cute! I’m jealous, I really want to add a dog to our family, but it’s just not the right time for us. Maybe some day soon. Until then I stare at the cute photos of Winnie!

    • Scarlett on August 12, 2016 at 8:55 am

      AWE! Timing is so tough, right? We we’re going to wait until the holidays but just couldn’t wait! What kind of pup are you going to get? xo

  2. Lee Anne on August 28, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Ahhh she’s so cute. So glad you guys got her 🙂

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