Hotel Granduca: An Italian Escape in Austin, TX


A few weeks ago I escaped Austin to an Italian Villa.. oh wait, no I didn’t. I just hopped in my car, drove 5 miles away and felt like I escape to an Italian Villa. Hotel Granduca is located in the hills in Westlake, Austin and truly is a little corner of Italian heaven in the Texas hillcountry.

The first night of my stay I had a girls night and invited my lovely friend Margaret. We sipped wine in our room and chatted before dinner and enjoyed all that the beautiful suite had to offer. Our favorite part was the breeze coming in from the beautiful windows and the hill country views. It was truly blissful. After finishing our wine we made our way downstairs to Ristorante Visconte and enjoyed dinner with my adorable dog, Winnie while listening to live jazz music. I would highly reccomend ordering the burrata cheese as a starter and the saffron- ricotta gnocchi for a main course. Delish!

The second night I invited my boyfriend, Layne for a date night. When he walked into the lobby Winnie saw him ( we were waiting in the lobby for him) and she ran up to him and jumped up with excitment. The entire lobby said “Awe” in unison. It was seriously adorable. We headed up to the room to pop a bottle of sparkeling and then headed back down to the game room for a game of chess before dinner. I love how the hotel was decorated in an Italian Rennesance style. It felt so grand and beautiful even in a game room with a pool table in it!

We had a night filled with chess, delicious food, wine and live music. It was an overall an incredicle weekend and stay. I also still am obsessing over the free standing bathtub. It was huge! Also with bay windows wrapping around it overlooking the hill country- it doesn’t get much better.

If you live in Austin or are coming for a visit I would highly reccomend staying at Hotel Granduca if you’re looking for a relaxing, secluded and luxurious stay in an Italian style villa hotel.

Until our next adventour, cheers loves!





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