How to Cozy Up Modern Decor

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Guys! I’m so excited because we’re moving into a new house in February and I’m on such a home decor kick it’s crazy! I’ve always loved home decor so much since I was little because my mom would let my sisters and I redecorate our bedrooms once a year in any theme we wanted. One year I legit made my room into a jungle! Another year I did a sunburst theme with orange and pink walls. Can you imagine? Ha! Another year I did a lavender theme and another year with all white and lanveder colors. Anyway, you can see I love switching it up!

As the years have passed and I’m not a 12 year old who wants hot pink walls I have moved on to “modern cozy.” I know, “modern cozy” isn’t an official home decor style but I’m making it one. I love modern because of the clean lines and lack of clutter. If you follow me on my Instagram you KNOW I LOVE COZY. I put the two together and made my new favorite home decor style- Modern Cozy!

I’ve already started planning out the decor for our new home and wanted to share my tips on how to cozy up your modern decor! Scroll to the bottom for all of the shopping links! XO


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Modern furniture usually has clean lines and can be very edgy looking. IF you add in faux fur it will add in a cozy touch. For example the legs on this bench are very modern but with the added faux fur it’s perfect for a modern cozy look. Also don’t forget to add in faux fur throw pillows on your couch and bed for an instant cozy look.


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I’m obsessed with modern entryway and coffee tables. White marble with gold legs and clean lines.. so good! Although the look can be a little cold with just a few books on top and a sculpture piece so I like to add in candles and flowers. Fresh flowers are always great but I love fake flowers so I don’t have to worry about watering them. Candles and flowers are such a great way to cozy up any modern space.


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Adding cute baskets in a a modern space cozies up the space in an instant! I legit am obsessed with cute baskets.. and they also help so much with clutter. I love to use them in the living room for blankets, in the bathroom for cotton balls and qtips, for dog and cat toys and also in the pantry or laundry room!




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