How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others On Social Media

Scrolling the feed and feeling down? Get off Instagram and then right back on 10 minutes later feeling down again? I know it’s probably odd for me to say this when I’m a blogger myself who directs people to go to my Instagram page, right?

The thing is we can have social media but we have to change the way we look at it. Heres why:


I saw a quote the other day that said, “Dont compare your behind-the-scenes to somebody elses highlight reel” Wow, that hit home. We so often scroll on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and see all of these beutiful people, homes, travel photos and wonder why we feel crappy about ourselves. This isn’t reality. Trust me, I’m a blogger and it’s not. My full time job is blogging and I’ll be the first one to tell you my life isn’t perfect. Far from it. I share beautiful photos of my home in one spot that is staged for a home decor post when the room next to it is a hot mess. I will share a photo of me in a cute outfit with makeup on when 5 minutes ago I was in sweats and hadn’t washed my hair in 3 days. The majority of people on social media share the highlights of their lives. Not the real every day moments.


This stems from the “highlight reel” situation. Say you are looking at a bloggers page who you adore. She is skinny, tan, smiling, has the perfect husband, 3 cute as a button kids, a huge house, a nice car, she’s got it all! Does she though? You never know what someone is dealing with behind the scenes. I for one am a blogger and compare myself to others too. I have been to several blogging events where I met bloggers who I thought had it all just to realize they are normal people who have normal problems just like you and me.

When I opened up about having anxiety and depression I was shocked at how many people sent me dm’s on Instagram saying they never would have thought that from seeing my Instagram. That actually made me want to change up my social media game and try to post more real content. More raw content. Photos without makeup, stories about mental health, me in my sweatpants hanging out doing nothing. I’m going to work on adding more of that in 2021 because I never would want anyone to look at my page and think ” Wow, she has it all and her life is perfect because it’s simply not true.


Social media, especially Instagram has been taken over by so many influencers who have made blogging and social media a full time job, including myself. You have to remember this when you’re on there. Think about it. Would someone who works at a tech company hand in a half ass project? ( Well, maybe but he probably would get fired, right) Would a blogger/ Influencer share a crappy photo for that paid ad? Proably not. If they are sharing a fashion photo it’s most likely for a paid ad or so they can get their followers to buy what they are wearing and make commission. If they post a photo of a home it’s most likely for a home decor paid ad or to make comission off of the home products. It’s staged. It’s not real life 90% of the time.

I Hope this helped! I’m for sure guilty of this myself and I think most of us are. Remember, nobody defines you but you. Stop judging yourself and remember who you are and why you love yourself because there are so many reason to.

Talk soon!




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