I’m a Crazy Cat Lady

Meet, Zoey! The sassiest girl around. I actually call her sassy paws, no joke. She is a queen and everything must go her way or the highway. She actually hates most people.. but she loves me.

I have always been a dog person growing up but when I was living in NYC and was pretty lonely living in a tiny apartment I NEEDED a pet. I felt like it wouldn’t be fair to a dog to keep him or her in such a small space so my only other options were basically a goldfish, ginnie pig or a cat. A cat seemed like the best choice.

I started my hunt for a kitty cat and it was quit the process. It turns on in NYC you basically need a background check to become a cat parent. Anyway after a few weeks and several foster and adoption agencies later I met Zoey. I actually went to a close by veterinarian clinic to meet her there with her foster mom. It turns out Zoey’s foster mom found Zoey and her brothers and sisters in the financial district by a dumpster during hurricane sandy. ( talk about a true New Yorker bad ass!)

Zoey walked right up to me and wanted me to hold and cuddle her which was a change compared to all of the other kitties I have met before her who basically just ran away and hid from me. It was love at first sight.

I’ve had Zoey for 3 years now and don’t know what I would do without her. I now live in Austin, TX and I’m so happy when I come home after work and have that 5 pound little sassy paws welcoming me every night.

So who else out there is a crazy cat lady? By the way.. I will be getting a dog in the next year or so and I’ve already made up my mind he will be a yellow lab and his name will be Winson. He also will wear a bowtie from time to time. I hope Zoey wont mind…



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  1. Julie Salyer on January 21, 2016 at 10:34 am

    The more cat posts the better! Especially of sassy little Zoey!

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