Inspire Me: The Perfect Home Office

Hey guys! So I recently changed jobs and am now a social media consultant for a company called Social Factor. I actually am working part of the time in their office and part of the time from home.. which is amazing! One thing that I need to work on is getting a home office together. I’m currently working from my breakfast nook or my couch which is okay for a while, but it’s getting old and quick!

I have found some amazing home office inspiration and wanted to share with all of you! Oh, I also added links to similar items but on the cheap so you can create the look if you’d like to add a home office to your home or just jazz up your current one. I know I am in the market and will be shopping a lot of these items soon! Have fun and be inspired beauty.

Get the look for less: Chair/frames/plants/ desk/ vase/

Get the look for less: Chair/ desk/ pillow/

Get the look for less: Desk/ rug/ bookcase/dog ( just kidding)

Get the look for less: Chair/ desk/ rug/ candle

So, what’s your favorite office look above? Okay, now I am off to shop for my new home office! Yay! Have a lovely day everyone!




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  1. Katy Beacher on February 10, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    I don’t see a filing cabinet. But I love your helper!

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