Last night I had a blast making a live painting at Ross Bennet’s new tailoring shop and art gallery. I’m the featured artist of the month and I couldn’t be more happy about it!

The event was sponsored by Herradura tequila and I got to paint live on a tequila barrel lid! That was a first for me but what a blast! There was a huge turn out and once I started painting I totally forgot anyone was around me.  In that moment I proved to myself art is truly my escape. There’s no better feeling then to get lost in the process of making something from your heart that’s one of a kind. <3

I had so much fun at this event that I’ve decided I’m going to start doing more events and live paintings in the future. I’ll keep you updated!

I hope you have a beautiful evening and would love for you to check out a few of my latest pieces from my new ocean inspired series HERE! 

Thanks again for all of my friends and family and new friends who came to the show. Also a huge thanks to Ross and Erin Bennett. Your space is a great one and I would highly reccomend going to their business if you are looking for custom tailoring.

Cheers beautiful souls!




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