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So yesterday I went to my friend Wen’s birthday party and shes a beauty guru from China. She was showing me some tips and tricks with my makeup and it was so much fun.

Guys, real talk.. I’m not very good with makeup! I never use primer, I never use a highlighter, I have no clue how to apply eye shadow the right way.. I feel a bit behind in the makeup world. BUT.. I have realized I do enjoy it. I think it’s because it’s similar to art. ( I’m a painter if you didn’t already know.) and it’s legit art we can paint onto our faces. So fun!

Since I’m not very advanced in the makeup world I want to start sharing my favorite products that make it EASY for us people who aren’t professional makeup artist. I mean- are you?! Maybe you are.. but my makeup journey will be for those who know the basics and want to learn alongside me. 🙂

To start I wanted to share my go-to every day makeup items that I use below. For the future be on the lookout for some fun makeup experiment videos on my Instagram– as I’m going to start trying out new products and see what I like, what’s easy and hopefully help some of you out during the process.

These are my BASIC makeup products I use almost every day below! * Just click the images if you want to SHOP!*

I know, right? Hardly anything! I want to try more!

I would love to know where you are on your makeup journey in the comments below. Are you a beginner? Pretty decent at makeup or a makeup guru?! Also what is one product you can’t live without that you think I should try?!



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