Monthly Catch-Up & My June Favorites

Hi loves. I thought I would start doing a Monthly Catch up and also feature my favorites from each month. Favorites are basically anything I’ve been obsessed with this past month whether its fashion, food, skin care, decor, etc. P. S. Can you believe June is almost over already? What in the world is happening? I feel like this month seriously lasted about 3 days. Who’s with me?

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I had a lovely date night at Fukumoto the other week and if you haven’t been there you need to try it! they are more of a  traditional Japanese cuisine sushi place in a casual gastropub setting. I also wore my go-to summer date night outfit which was an off-the-shoulder white top, my favorite Top Shop high waisted skinnie jeans and these adorable lace up platform sandals that are only $29.99 from Target, yippie for cute affordable shoes!

I also found an amazing maid service in Austin that’s actually affordable.. which is hard to come by! They are called Castle Cleaners and LOOK, it’s a rare occasion when my floor and couch are free of dog hair. Oh, and if you are looking for a maid service and want to call them, use the code TheScarlettSocial for $10 off your first cleaning. You will love it!


Oh, and speaking of dog hair.. here’s the fur ball herself! Winnie turned 1 this month on June 6th! I can’t believe she’s already one. I’m so in love with her.. I didn’t think I could love a dog this much. I’m so glad I adopted her almost a year ago. If you follow me on Instagram you can follow along with her life as well because I tend to post lots of pics of her too! Does anyone else out there have a Great Pyrenees?

Winnie and I have been taking a lot of runs on the Green Belt in Austin, which is miles of hiking trails! It’s gotten a bit hot recently though so we don’t last long! Another thing I have been loving fitness-wise is Orange Theory! Who else has tried it? I’m obsessed! I’ve been going to the South Lamar location and honestly have seen results so quickly. I’m usually a bit shy to run outside in just a sports bra but Orange Theory has already given me the confidence to say screw it and just rock the sports bra without a tank top!

Yeah, so this update is random but it’s important to me! Peonies are in stock at Trader Joes people! I love peonies so much and the ones at Trader Joes are super cheap! So go treat yoself!

I’ve also been painting a lot recently. This picture above is a sneak peek of a painting I’m making for my sister’s nursery. Oh yeah, she’s pregnant! Due in September. I can’t wait to meet my niece. My sister is also a blogger if you guys didn’t know! She will be doing a full nursery post where you can see my full painting and all of her adorable nursery decor soon so check out her blog for updates! Also, if you are looking for a custom painting I love to make custom pieces and you can see more of my painting that are for sale on my art website as well.

Well that’s it for my updates from June! I hope you are all having a great month and comment below and tell me what you’ve been up to this month so far.



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