Must Have Dog Products + Tips to Make Your Pup Happy!

Winnie as a puppy!!

… And not so much a puppy anymore! 🙂

Ever since I got my sweet girl Winnie I have realized I’m legit a mom now. I know people who have actual human kids hate when I say that but honestly Winnie is my baby and I always make sure to take great care of her! She just turned 3 last month and I had a birthday party for her and her best friend BB- an English Retriever ( They have the same birthday!) They wore tutus’s ate doggy cake and played with their new toys! If you can’t tell by now.. I’m a proud dog mom, LOL! Here are my Must-Have products to make sure your dog is a happy spoiled baby!

  1. A Cozy Bed – Winnie uses the Orthopedic Sherpa Top Pet with Memory Foam. It comes in smaller sizes as well! It also has a removable cover so you can wash it whenever you want to.

     2. Pillows and Blankets- Winnie adores pillows and blankets. No joke.. she’s a cozy monster just like me! She loves to lay her head on pillows and snuggle with cozy blankets.


3. A Great Dog Food- I know it’s pricey to get the best dog foods these days.. but our little babies are worth it! Winnie eats Royal Canin and my vet reccomended it. She loves it!

4. A Best Friend- Winnie has her two kitty friends- both of my cats Zoey and Luna! Luna is the newest addition to our family and is still a kitten. Her and Winnie play every day and it makes me so happy. Our older kitty Zoey likes to stay to herself more but after we got Luna I noticed Winnie started playing a lot more and seems happier to have a little buddy.

5. At Least 1-2 Daily Walks – We recently moved into a townhouse so we’re lucky enough to have a backyard but I still take Winnie on 1-2 walks a day. It’s really good for their mental health as well as their physical to get out and about and explore!

6. Have a Great Pet Sitter- I know a lot of people take their dogs to a doggy daycare and that’s fine if you find a good one that you trust but I could never take Winnie to one of those places because she gets a bit scared. Luckily my friend Susan ( Winnie’s best friend BB’s mom) watches Winnie for us whenever we leave town. She gets to play with Susan and her BFF, BB!

7. Bones & Treats- Winnie LOVES pig ears, treats and bones!


8. Grooming! If you can’t afford to take your fur baby to the groomer- or they absolutley hate going make sure to brush your pup weekly and a bath every 3 weeks is usually usually great! Winnie legit hates bath time ( can you tell by her face in the photo? HA!) but after her bath she runs around the house so hyper and proud of how beautiful she looks. She really HATES going to the groomer so I try to give her baths on my own but when she needs a haircut I have to take her into the groomer. Layne and I tried cutting her hair once and it was a disaster- we took her to the groomer the next day to fix her uneven wild haircut!


9. Celebrate and Have Fun! I know a doggy birthday party is a bit much for some people but Winnie had so much fun at her birthday party! It was all about her and her best friend BB! We got them fun toys, treats and a doggy cake! We got them tutus too which was so cute! They had a fun time playing at the park as well. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun with your pet. I like to run around with Winnie at the park and we chase each other around. Also sometimes in our house we play hide and go seek.



10. TOYS! So Winnie is a strange one with toys. She likes her toys for about 4-5 minutes and then she’s over them for a good while.. and then if they are lucky she will play again. I have found a few toys that she really loves but my cat Luna plays fetch more than Winnie!


11. LOVE– I know this is obvious but seriously.. your pup needs lots of love. I think I honestly love Winnie so much that it sometimes annoys her to be honest lol. Some days shes like a rebel teenager.. ” Okay, mom I get it.. you love me..jeez” but some days she adores all of the love, hugs and kisses.

Do you have a dog? What’s your favorite thing to do together? What’s the one thing you own for your pup that you both couldn’t live without?




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