My Fall Must Haves!

Fall is officialy here so of course I’m sharing some of my favorite fall items! When Fall comes not only do my clothes change but my entire life pretty much starts to rock. Ha! I love the cooler temps- and living in hot Austin, TX when the temps drop to the 60’s I’m one happy camper. Here are some of my current Fall must haves:


  1. FALL- INSPIRED COFFEE MUGS– I’m obsessed with this coffee mug! How cute is it? I love the movie Hocus Pocus, I love pumpkins and I love coffee- so this is a MUST- HAVE for me!

2.COZY THROW PILLOWS– The easiest way to change your decor for the different seasons is to switch us your throw pillows. I love to add in warm colors, faux fur and super soft pillows and blankets!

3. SUPER SOFT SWEATERS–  I love getting new sweaters when the temps start to cool down. I always go for a basic gray and black sweater. I also always look for a super cozy cardigan I can pull over a fitted long sleepve or v neck tee.

4. A Quaility Pair of Rainboots-  Fall in Austin and most places means more rain so I always to to have a warm, water-proof pair of rain boots. I’m currently into Hunters and Sorrels.  

 5. Fall Candles– Call me basic all you want but fall candles are my jam! I love the fall scents at Bath and Body Works! Also Wayfair has some really great Fall and Winter options!

What’s your go-to Fall item you can’t live without?! Btw, sorry I have been so MIA! I started a new job and it’s taken a lot of my time! This is a good thing but I NEED to make more time for you guys so I’m going to dedicate a few hours each weekend to write a blog post so I can post at least once a week. I also am going to IKEA this weekend to get a full-length mirror so I can share more outfit photos on my Instagram, blog and also I want to do some fun try-on haul videos for you guys on my Youtube and Instagram as well! So stay tuned to that next week!

Happy Fall ya’ll!

Until next time! XO,



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