New Season, New Hair!

I have been in major need of some TLC with my mane lately so I decided to go to NAAVA Salon and I’m so glad I did. Fall is always the best time for a new do. I love how the leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler and why not switch up the hair too? Am I right?

img_8419I went to NAAVA this morning and I had to share my wonderful experience with you. Right after I arrived I was quickly given a yummy coffee which was a must because it was 9 am and I woke up late and never drank a sip of coffee this morning.. and let’s just say I need coffee or I am basically a sleep walking alien.

My stylist was Jean- Francois and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. ( Just wait until the end of this post for the before and after picture of my hair and you will see why!) He is French and I like to think of him as my new French hair magician!

img_8422 img_8421

The salon is also a spa so everything is super cute, cozy and fresh. I’m all about interior and design so I really appreciated the clean lines and warm welcome with a tea and coffee bar, cozy chairs and a super friendly staff.

I got a trim and some added layers for thickness. Also Jean- Francois matched my roots ( natural color) and brought in that darker blonde to mix in with the rest of my hair. He also made my blonde tones more golden instead of so bleached out which is what my hair was like before.

And drum roll please for the before and after pic….


img_8430Um, yeah. I know! I told you, French hair magician! I’m in love with my new hair and definitely have found my new hair spot and stylist. Oh, I also got a facial and a massage from NAAVA over the summer and holy mother of zen-ness.. you need to treat yourself and go check this place out.

So, are you going to change up your hair for fall? Let me know what you end up doing and if you’re in Austin if you decide to also go to NAAVA!

Enjoy the rest of your day beauties and chat soon.




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