Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019


What is the Nordstrom Anniverary Sale?

If you don’t know about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you’re in for a TREAT I tell you… a big ol’ delicious treat! LOL. Basially Nordstrom gets out ALL of their new Fall items early and if you’re a Nordsrom Card Holder you get access to shop all of the items at MEGA discounted prices before the rest of the public gets their paws on them!

When is the 2019 SALE?

This yearโ€™s sale will begin on July 19 through August 4, 2019. Early access will start 1 week before if you have a Nordrom card. (So get a Nordstrom card NOW!) It’s free and SO worth it even if this is your only time this year shopping at Nordstrom! Trust me on this! ๐Ÿ™‚


Each year, Nordstrom cardholders get to shop the Anniversary Sale 1 week before it opens to the public. During this Pre-Sale, many of the most popular items go out of stock super fast. Seriously some items last year were gone in a few hours and the Nordsrom site even crashed one day because it was so poppin’!

During your shopping you will also earn Reward point which is awesome because every 2,000 points gets you a $20 Nordstrom Note to use online or in-stores!


Follow me on my Instagram and here on my blog before and during the sale! I will be sharing everything and make if easy for you by organizing items by categories such as: Best Sweaters under $50, Best Booties and Boots, Top Sale Items, Best Home Decor Items and more! I will also be doing try-on haul videos on my Instagram and many try-on blog posts during the sale so you will see what the items look like on so no need to fight the crowds- just chill in your pajamas and let me do the work for you!

Stick with me to find the best deals because I bascially will be downing coffee and living at the mall during this sale people! Maybe I will set up a tent at Norstrom and camp out? Lol, jk. ๐Ÿ˜›

So, what do you think? Are you excited for the 2019 Nordstrom sale?! Did you find any goodies last year?




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