NYC Travel Diaries Day 2: Diner, Dim Sum & Random Shenanigans


So, day two in NYC! I woke up and headed to George’s diner on the corner of Greenwich and Rector. The hostess asked if I would like to sit inside or out. Of course I chose outside. I love to be outside… always have. I shortly after realized why I was the only one outside. There was a ton of construction going on all around the diner, but hey.. I didn’t care. The NYC vibes were in full swing. Loud and proud people! I ordered two eggs scrambled and bacon. This meal also came with home fries, toast and a shot of orange juice. ( yes, a shot of orange juice) The meal was seriously delicious and rang it at only $12.93 total with tip and a coffee of course. This is the perfect spot to people watch and take in the NYC atmosphere. Tons of yellow cabs zooming by, bike messengers zipping in and out of cars and even some angry people cursing each other out just because. Gotta love it.


I then strolled back to the hotel to change shoes again. ( I really have had a shoe problem this trip) Never wear converse without socks people. Blisters will be knocking on your door soon after. Anyway, on the way back to the hotel I stumbled upon Trinity church. What a gorgeous church it is indeed. Wondering what Trinity Church is all about? It’s okay, I wasn’t sure either until I looked it up. It’s a “Historic Episcopal church & cemetery where Alexander Hamilton & other early Americans are buried.” Anyway, it’s worth seeing if you appreciate architecture and history.

I then hopped on the subway and headed uptown to the Flatiron district. I of course went to one of my all time favorite places, Eataly. Guys, if you live in NYC, are going to NYC soon.. or ever you MUST check out Eataly. It’s basically an Italian heaven with multiple Italian restaurants, a beer garden, gelato station and also multiple markets. Anything you buy at the cafes you can also purchase at the markets and make it yourself at home. I also heard through the grapevine (or Eataly’s website) that there is now an Eataly in Chicago and one coming to LA so if you live in Chitown of LaLa land.. you’re also in luck!

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Once Richard ( my boyfriend) was done with work we were both starving and didn’t know where to go for dinner. We both were craving some sort of Asian but with NYC comes a million restaurants and sometimes its hard to decide.. well mostly all the time let’s be real. Anyway, I typed “food” into my phone app (so precise, I know) and an Indian place with pretty good reviews came up that was only a 5 minute walk away so we decided it was a go. Turns out after about a 30 minute walk around in many circles later we realized this place is either hidden or doesn’t exist.  Good news? We passed a dim sum place called Tipsy Shanghai. I yelped it and the reviews looked great. We decided to give it a go. When you walk into the entrance you enter a different establishment that looked like some sort of American food/bar. We walked up the stars to our dim sum oasis and sat down at a very large round table just for us two with a lazy susan you can spin around- which was pretty fun! We had Szechwan pork, steamed dumplings, pork buns and hot tea all ringing in at just $32! That’s an insane deal for Manhattan. The food was seriously amazing and we decided this will be our spot every time we come back to NYC.

Day 2 was wonderful. A little bit of everything in one day. That’s what you get in NYC after all. Come back tomorrow to see what I did during day 3!

P.S. Have you been to NYC? What was your favorite spot in the city and have you been to Eataly?






  1. Lee Anne on July 14, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    This is making me miss NYC so much, and I love your off the shoulder top!!!
    Lee Anne

  2. Amanda on July 14, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    I lived in the East Village of NYC for a year! This post makes me miss it (even though I’m definitely more of an LA girl), there was always so much to do – when I wasn’t working non-stop to make my insane rent lol. One of my favorite things was checking out various dim sum places. I never went to the one you guys went to, but it sounds great! If I ever go back, I’ll have to add it on my list of places to check out!

  3. Ashley - The Traveling Gals on July 14, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    NYC is so fun! Great pictures!

  4. Cheryl Shireman on July 15, 2016 at 9:48 am

    I LOVE Eataly!!! And your picture of Trinity Church was beautiful! Nice job. Looks like you are having a great time!

  5. Maegan Clark on July 15, 2016 at 10:33 am

    I love NYC & Eataly! Your trip looks like you’re having a really good time! You should go to dinner at Cookshop in Chelsea. It’s really good!

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