Organizational Tips For a Successful New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Are you looking for a fresh start this year? I know I am. One thing I want to really work on this year is staying organized.

It’s easy to let your house get messy if you just take a few days off of cleaning. My key is to clean just ten minutes every day and you will realize the mess is gone. Seriously, you can find ten minutes a day to straighten up and do the dishes. It’s never nice to wake up to a messy kitchen anyway.

I decided to start with my pantry and my home office and wanted to share my organizational tips with you guys. I hope they help if you’re looking to give your home a little organizational makeover!


  • Use Baskets- I got all of my baskets from Athome stores. Seriously you guys, they have the best baskets and they are super affordable. Check out all of their baskets here.
  • Use clear containers
  • Use Labels- my labels are also all from Athome stores and they are chalk labels. I recommend using these so if you change out what’s in the basket you can simply write the new product name on the label
  • Make sure to have a basket for that extra stuff that is always hanging around your pantry. For me it was “Pet Stuff”
  • Whatever you use the least put on the top shelf. I don’t bake that often so I keep all of my baking stuff at the top so it’s a bit out of the way


  • Remember less is more. I got rid of any extra things on my desk like extra decor and papers and put them away. Your desk should be clutter free so when you sit down to work you can focus.
  • Use a pencil organizer to keep all of your pens and pencils. You can also use some makeup organizers for your desk! I found a few good ones at Athome as well.
  • Keep it cozy, but not too cozy. If you have an office chair that’s basically like a couch you may just want to take a nap. Make sure to stick with an office chair
  • Use a planner or journal to jot things down. If you’re forgetful like me this is a must. I’m a creative person so I randomly have ideas going on in my head every day but if I don’t write them down I may forget them.

A few other areas I decluttered and organized..

I love to cook and my spices we’re driving me crazy. I was thinking of using a spice rack but then that takes up more space on my countertops so I got these clear organizational bins from Athome stores and voila! This simple trick has made me a much happier chef!

My linen closet was a disaster and I really needed to get it in order so I took everything out and folded everything very nicely. I got more baskets from Athome and organized items within the baskets. One for fitted sheets, one for pillow cases, one for towels, etc. This way everything has a home and it’s easy to find the next time I’m changing the sheets.

What are some of your organizational tips?





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