Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Tis’ the season! I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already came and gone. How crazy is that? It always happens that way though, doesn’t it? That’s why I started decorating even before Thanksgiving for Christmas. I also have been listening to Christmas music since Halloween. Yeah, some probably would say that makes me “basic” but I don’t care.. I love everything about the holidays and why should I only have Christmas joy for one month?

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my Christmas decor Ideas with you guys. I hope you enjoy them. Almost everything I got is from Athome stores and a few things from Target.

img_9519 img_9507Since I live in Austin, TX it’s warm enough to sit outside year round so I brought the North Pole to our balcony this year. I went with a whimsical theme. Lots of whites and pops of gold.. also the ice blue chairs helped with a pop of color. ( they are from Target) The Christmas cone trees on the table are from Athome and so are the gold chargers. It’s always a nice idea to have a charger to add color and a festive feel… oh and lots of faux fur! img_9503

I looked for a white table cloth and when I found this one with little snowflakes on it I knew I had to get it. Also if you need a little extra something to run down your table you can always add garland or cute little pinecones. I love these gold ones. The box came with quit a few so the leftovers I put in a vase and have on my kitchen counter. Also, see that cute little gold tree on the table in the back? I also got that cutie from Athome as well.img_9596

I hope you enjoyed my outdoor Christmas decor ideas. What are you going to do with your decorating this Holiday season? I also am decorating inside as well! It’s basically the North Pole in here folks. Just call me Buddy the Elf.

What’s your favorite room to decorate at home? What’s your favorite Christmas decor piece? Let me know in the comments below. If you need me I will be drinking coffee and decorating more!

Happy Holidays everyone.



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