What to Pack for a Trip to NYC: Spring Edition

Hi beautiful people! So I’m going on a 10 day trip to NYC this Saturday to spend time with the boyfriend and I have been having so many issues deciding what to pack. Why is packing so hard? Seriously.. is there a packing fairy out there somewhere? Okay, probably not so I am going to try to become a packing fairy myself and get to packing! Come join me!

1.) First off you want to check the weather: It looks like for my trip to NYC the high’s will be 68 and lows 42. Always make sure to check the lows as well, because you would be surprised how much the temp can drop and how badly you may need a sweater, scarf or jacket.


2.) Down to the Basics: We all need some basics in our life. I can’t live without my black cami tanks from forever 21, also a simple black v neck tee and a cozy cardigan are also a must. This black tee is the softest tee I’ve ever had. I also have it in white. ( Must have!)

IMG_11002. Fitness First: Don’t forget to pack a cute workout outfit. I’m so excited to run in NYC next week because it’s currently hot as an oven already in Austin, TX. The high today is 91. I can barley run a mile in this heat. / Shoes / Top / Pants

IMG_10993. Cute & Light Tops: I love bringing a few fun and light tops that give a pop of color to your look. These tops are super easy to pack, take up no space and make you look fab in a hot second.  / Halter Top

IMG_10964. Cozy Neutrals: Okay, so the lows are in the 40’s so a girl needs some warm options too. I’m currently loving this pink pullover from Lucy’s ( the scrunched neck is so cute) I also have been living in this cozy gray cardigan from Nordstrom. These two options are great because you can just throw them in a large tote at night and throw one on when you get chilly.

IMG_11045. Cute + Comfortable Jeans: I have been all about the cozy jeans lately. The gray ones above are from Joe Fresh and literally are the softest jeans ever and the ones on the right are from Topshop and they are also super soft and fit so well. I always thought Topshop jeans would be super expensive but I got these for under $60 at Nordstoms. Holler!

I’m so excited to go to NYC.. I actually use to live there 2 years ago for a couple years and my cat Zoey is from NYC too! She actually was found in the Financial District with her brothers and sisters during Hurricane Sandy! She’s a tough kitty! We are excited to get our groove back in NYC!

I will be vlogging while I’m in NYC too btw, so come follow our adventures on my Youtube channel and also my Snapchat ( username: scarbear7)

What are some staples you bring when you pack for a trip? Also leave your snapchat name below and I can follow you too!






  1. Lee Anne on April 28, 2016 at 11:58 am

    SO exciting that you’re headed back to the Big Apple… Can you also pack me in that suitcase??

  2. ananda on April 28, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    oh i used to go to NYC every month when i was an art student in boston! such an amazing place! have a great trip!!

  3. Maegan Clark on April 29, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Ah, I love NYC in the spring – don’t forget to pack a light jacket for the night!

  4. Beverley on April 29, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    awww thats so cute that your cat is from there. what a survivor!! hope you have an amazing time, your outfits look supa cute!

  5. Alicia on May 8, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Love all of these items! I went to New York almost 10 years ago but i’d love to again. Thanks for the style tips!

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