Traveling Back Home to Indiana for the Holidays

There’s nothing better than going home for the holidays. My family is small, only 8 adults and 3 kids but we make up for the size with lots of love. ( corny, I know.) This year we couldn’t all get together for Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and call it, “Thanksmas!”  

I grew up in the Midwest, in Michigan and Indiana.. and let me tell you.. it is cold in the winter! We had a low of 2 degrees while I was home and a high of 20! The second morning I was home we woke up to lots of snow. It looked so beautiful. After I’ve been living in Austin, TX for almost three years I have become quit baby when it comes to cold weather, but nothing is more cozy than looking at the snow from inside sipping on coffee in my Christmas pajamas.

I wanted to share some highlights of my trip home with you guys below. Happy Holiday season and I hope all of you are surrounded by family and friends.

My  parents dog, Buddy and I had a lot of cuddle sessions by the tree. Also, these Christmas plaid pajamas were $30 but are on sale right now for just 15!

This was my favorite outfit for the cold weather. Winter fashion is so much fun because you can basically live in leggings and just throw on a cozy cardigan and wear cute boots. I also love to add some color with a fun scarf.


Nothing is better than being home for the Holidays. Are you going home for the holidays? What’s your favorite part about going home?

My two nieces have their very own Christmas trees. How cute is that?

Playing in the snow with my sister!

We had a huge meal. My mom made the ham and I made everything else. I made mashed potatoes, home made macaroni and cheese, stuffing, green bean casserole and chocolate chip cookies. I love to cook and I wanted to give my mom a break because she usually cooks everything. It was a lovely meal and we all ate way too much, ha!

Are you guys going home for the holidays? What’s your favorite part about the holidays?





  1. Rachel Ritlop on December 15, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Awe there is nothing like home for the holidays! you look so cozy! enjoy!


  2. Jessica Sheppard on December 16, 2016 at 1:14 am

    Such a cozy and cute cold weather outfit!!

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