Weekly Chat: Let’s Catch Up!

Hey guys! I’m super excited to be adding my “Weekly Chat” section to my blog so I can keep you guys updated on the latest in my life. This will be a section where I can talk about anything that’s on my mind that week. So grab a cup of coffee, wine or whatever it is you like to sip on and catch up with me !

I moved to a new aparments about 3 weeks ago! I’m loving it so much! It’s a brand new apartment complex which is so nice because the apartment was super clean when I moved in since I’m the first person to live here. The older I get the more of a neat freak I become which is pretty strange because when I was younger I was such a messy girl! I never cleaned my room and my sister would litereally do it for me most of the time, ha!

Winnie and Zoey love their new home as welll but Winnie is missing her dog park! They are building one close by so I’m super excited to be able to take her there soon!

Since moving I felt like I should make some other changes in my life- I love moving so much- it’s like a fresh start with life! I’ve been working out 5 days a week the past two weeks and feel so good. I’ve realized working out is so much more than for looking good on the outside but it honestly keeps me happy and sane on the inside. Anyone else feel like that? P.S. If you haven’t heard of Tone It Up you must check them out! They have free workout videos on Youtube and also an app thats 12$ a month with awesome classes you can just do from anywhere. I also recently joinced Class Pass which is super fun because you get to try out all kinds of fun classes like spin, yoga and kickboxng! What’s your go-to for working out? I’m always looking to try new fitness routines!

Also this month was me and my boyfriend Layne’s one year anniversary which is super exciting! We had a delicious dinner at my favorite place in Austin, Perlas! Have you guys been there? I LOVE it! Such yummy seafood. I would highly reccomend the shrimp cocktail and scallops. Oh and the lobster mac and cheese!

I’ve been so slow with my blog the past few months and I’m super excited to be back in full swing. Oh.. also did you notice the new layout? I felt like my blog needed a facelift!

Thanks for catching up with me! Would love to hear what you’ve been up to in the comments below!




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