Weekly Recap + Best Weekend Sales

Hi Babes! Wow, what a week! This past week I started a brand new Instagram which was scary because I went from almost 20,000 followers to starting over but it was so worth it!

Why? Well for one my old account got hacked and Instagram wasn’t pusing out my content for others to see. Secondly, my account was all over the place the past few years. I would focus on fashion, then art, then I would take a few months off.. it just wasn’t consistent and because of that it just didn’t feel right.

My new account is called @stylinscarlett and I’m honestly loving it! I feel like not only does my instagram have a fresh start but also my blog here! I will be changing the name/ domain to stylinscarlett soon as well. Also I will change my LiketoKnowit name to StylinScarlett as well.

I know it’s crazy to start fresh but it’s been a lot of fun. I feel like now I’m super focused on fashion, I have a schedule going and because of all of this YOU are more engaged and are finding better deals which is what makes me happy!

Oh, another thing… You know on Mean Girls when the chick is trying to make “Fetch” happen? Well, I’m trying to make “Cozy Mosters” happen because I LOVE all things cozy, fluffy and homey. Fashion and decor! I talked all about being a cozy monster on my Instagram stories today and saved it to the highlight titled “Cozy Monsters!” Are you a cozy monster? You probably are if you own at least 4-5 throw pillows, have faux fur items, have cozy throw blankets, love candles, love comfy and cozy everything!

Okay so for this past week I wanted to share the most loved items by you guys- so the items that were purchased the most! You can shop them by clicking the images below!



This week I did a try on haul from one of my favorite places on the planet, Target! All items were under $30! Can you believe that?! Shop each look below!

JUMPSUIT -just $30! / EARINGS -just $9! / SANDALS – similiar / BAG– my favorite tote bag! Comes in 3 colors 

Cardigan – on sale for just $15! / Tee – Just $10! / Shorts– love the detail/ Sandals- similar 

Romper/ – just $35 also comes in pink!/  Shoes– similar currently on sale for just $49! / 

Romper/ Necklace – I love a gold necklace and this one has your zodiac sign on it! super cute! 

Jumpsuit – so flattering and just $29!

Jumpsuit just $29! 

Romper – just $24 super lightweight and perfect for hot summer days

Jumpsuit- perfect for a night out and just $25! 

I also saved the entire Target try on haul on my Instagram highlights and you can shop everything in the free Liketoknowit app! 

On to the best weekend sales! There are some really good sales this weekend and I had to share them all with you beauties!

ABERCROMBIE– 60% off Summer Sale! 

EXPRESS- Summer Sale up to 70% off! 

TORY BURCH–  Semi-Annual Sale up to 60% OFF + extra 25% off sale with code EXTRA

Thanks so much for all of your support! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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