What to Do While You’re Stuck at Home

What a crazy time right now guys! I can’t stop watching the news.. but probably need a break from it so decided to write this blog post to help some of you out there who are stuck at home ( pretty much everyone right now) think of some fun things to do!

In the grand scheme of things being stuck at home isn’t that bad of a thing if you still are making money and aren’t sick… but my heart goes out to those who are sick, losing money and are having trouble feeling their families.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who is just stuck at home and a little bored here are some things you can do to not lose your mind during this time.

  1. Get Organized- I’m using this time to get my house super organized. I started with my Glam Room and next up is my bathroom and then closet/ dressers! I love the company Whitmor for all of my organizational needs! They are available on Amazon and have everything you need to get organized. Plus the cutest baskets ever!
  2. Deep Clean the House – May not sound the most fun to some people.. but sometimes I like playing Taylor Swift super loudly and deep cleaning the house. I love using Meyer’s products because they are all natural and they have some wonderful scents!
  3. Board Games – Thank God for Amazon Prime because they have a ton of free 1 day delivery board games right now! Let me know in the comment below your favorites!
  4. Computer Games- Amazon Prime also has a ton of computer games if you’re into those! My favorite one is the SIMS!
  5. Date Night at Home – Since most restaurants and bars are shutting down I think a super cute idea would be to dress up and cook a meal together with your loved one. I already told my boyfriend Layne we have to do this sometime this week! You can play music, light candles and dress to the nines.. just do it at home!
  6. Journal- Starting a gratitude journal would be a great thing to do right now. So many of us are focused on the negative things going on in the world but we need to remember the good and what we’re grateful for! Here is one of my favorite Gratitude Journals!
  7. Mediate- Meditation has legit changed my life. I started for just 5 minutes a day and ended up at 20 minutes a day after a week. It really helps to stay calm and positive- especially during a time like right now! Here is my favorite meditation cushion so your back and booty are supported!
  8. Start a Blog- Yes! This I highly recommend! Have you been wanting to start a blog but keep putting it off? If you’re stuck at home now is a perfect time to get it going. You can make a free blog with Squarespace or Wix.
  9. Read a Book- So many good books to read! One I think I may get this week is “Open Book” by Jessica Simpson! 
  10. Yard Work- I know, seems crazy right? BUT if we are mostly stuck indoors the one place we can go hangout is the yard. We actually have a new lawn mower and gardening gloves arriving from Amazon today! I’m kind of excited to get our yard in order because I have been ignoring it for way too long!
  11. Movie Marathon- I have been binge watching everything on the Disney app lately. They have tons of old school movies! One of my favorites is The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan!
  12. Skype with Loved Ones- If you can’t get to loved ones right now because of the travel ban don’t forget to use Skype and Facetime! Skype and make a meal together or have coffee or wine together and catch up!
  13. Crafts/ DIY Projects- There are so many fun crafts to be made right now! I found a really good list of 100 craft ideas that are all pretty easy!
  14. Play with Your Pets- If your company is telling you to work from home right now spend some extra time with your pets! Get them some new toys and treats and have some extra bonding time! I just got the cats window hammocks for just $15 each and Winnie some extra bones that she goes wild for!
  15. Home Workouts- I love ToneitUp and Blogilates and both have tons of free workout videos on Youtube!

I hope this list helped you think of some fun ideas while you’re stuck inside! Let’s all remember to stay kind during this time! It’s not easy for anyone and we are all in this together!




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