Which Valentine’s Day Are You?

fancy schmancy final look1.) Romantic Date Night: Let your inner kitten come out to play with this sassy look! Your date will surely be impressed. 1. Red Dress 2. Evening Bag 3. Lace Bra 4. Eye Pallete 5. Nars Lipstick 6. Gold Necklace 7. Black Panites 8. Strappy Heels

Galentines Day

2.) Galentines Day: Grab your bestie and have a cozy night in. Turn on mean girls, drink a cosmo and do a face mask.. because you’re fabulous.  1. Pink Pajamas 2. Joe Malone Parfume 3. Fuzzy Socks 4. Rosy Cheeks Facemask 5. Pink Candle 6. Cosmos 7. Movies

Friends Night Out


3. Friends Night Out: 1. Bohemian Outfit 2. Bracelets 3. Gold Goddess Candle 4. Black Booties 5. Lip Gloss 6. Boho Panties 

So which Valentine’s day are you going for this year? Let me know in the comments below!




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